Visible Humidity, Intangible Mist

Mist-free humidification
Smart screen display
99% bacteriostatic
530 h2

Miss-free bacteriostatic

Humidification – Cares

Better For Sensitive Groups

Babies, elderly, and other sensitive groups may have more exacting
breathing environment demands. Our mist-free bacteriostatic humidifier
provides healthier humidifcation, without generating irritating mist,and
inhibits bacterial growth.

Mist-free Natural Humidification-

Uniformly Evaporating “Water Film”

During operation, the humidifier’s evaporation blades rotate slowly into contact with water, forming an
A cross-flow fan blows strongly from above to accelerate evaporation from this film, to deliver uniform
humidification. What’s more, mist-free operation does not cause accumulation of fine particles, generates
no impurities, and won’t wet the floor, for a healthier, naturally pure environment.

Accumulated Water Evaporates

Automatically To Avoid

Secondary Pollution

Once the minimum water level is reached, the unit automatically continues
operating for eight hours, evaporating any remaining excess water and eliminating
potential odours due to bacteria growth.

Efficient 260 ml/h*


Smartmi Pure Humidifier 2 offers humidifying capacity of up to 260 ml/h, and is
equipped with a large 4L capacity water tank, equivalent to 8 small bottles of
water, capable of providing 15 hours of humidification at the maximum setting.

Hassle-free Water Level Monitoring

Dual function air outlet/water inlet. Water can be topped up during operation.
Smartmi Pure Humidifier 2 uses a high-accuracy water level sensor to precisely
monitor water level in real-time, an intelligent upgrade.

Just Add Water, No Additional

Consumables Necessary

There is no need for regular replacement of consumables.
Just periodically fill with purified water and clean the water tank.

Water & Electricity

Separated for Safety

The device design separates electrical circuits (on the top) from
water circulation (at the bottom). Built-in position sensing device
prevents fingers injury from contact with cross-flow fan.

Quiet & Low-power – Humidify

For Comfort, Day & Night

Minimum noise generation of only 34.7 dB(A) for quiet, long-term, efficient

humidification. Using less than 8W, the energy-conserving device continuously

releases humid air, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.