Natural and Healthy Fogless Evaporation

No white residue
Raises temperature evenly
530x530 h1

A Purifying Humidifier

Stemming From

Mother Nature

The Smartmi Evaporative Humidifer adheres to natural evaporation principles to bring an even more comfortable humidifying experience.

Humidity is applied evenly and without any of the impurities. Enjoy life without ‘white residue’ build up.

Unlocks the Mystery of Breezes

for Their Authentic Reproduction

During the entire humidification process, only water is evaporated, avoiding fog and

preventing trace impurities like calcium, magnesium, and bacteria, making the humidifier

suitable for toddlers, elderly, and even allergy-sensitive groups. There’s also no need to worry

about white residue being left over on your furniture or flooring.

An Innovative Evaporation System –

As Effective As Nature Itself


240mL/h efficient



Pure natural


To stimulate natural water evaporation, we employ an array of 36 rotating evaporation blades for full

water coverage, forming a nearly 2m2 ultra-thin “water membrane” evaporation layer. The topmost

section has a 85mm diameter cross-flow fan which evenly and quickly passes air through every

evaporation blade for faster application of the “water membrane”, resulting in even more comfort.

Moisture application capacity can reach 240 mL/h*

Conveniently Refill Fresh

Water At Any Time

The air outlet also acts as the water inlet, meaning there’s no need to

turn it off to fill up the tank. The capacitive sensor automatically detects

the water level and displays it on panel’s light.

Automatic Excess Water Evaporation To

Reduce Breeding Of Bacteria

Once water reaches its minimum level, the unit will continue to operate

for eight hours, automatically evaporating excess water and preventing

any potential odour.

4L Extra-large Water Tank

The humidifier can run at even the highest setting for the whole night,

keeping you comfortable through to the morning.

Quiet & Eco-friendly,

Invites Comfort

Throughout The Night

“The Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier’s lowest noise value is only 34.4 dB(A)*. The DC brushless motor, besides driving strong air flow, also ensures that the unit is energy-efficient and quiet.

With power consumption levels reaching a peak of merely 8W, the humidifier is suitable for all day use. It ensures a steady supply of comfortable air.

A Safer & Secure Design

Designed with day-to-day use and security in mind, the Smartmi Evaporative
Humidifier has been specially constructed to separate the water tank and electrical
components. If the water tank becomes separated from the unit at any time, a
sensor will automatically deactivate the humidifier and shut off the cross-flow fan
so as to avoid any potential damage or injuries.