Your First Cordless Air Purifier

Purify a room of 161sqft
6 times in one hour
Particles CADR 240m³/h
99.98% nanoscale filtration
Filter out dust, pollen allergens
Smart Control
Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.
the filters in the air purifier
side view of air purifier

Moveable private forest, cordless design, fresh everywhere

Built-in battery pack, without limitation of cord, let’s enjoy the fresh and clean air any time.

24 hours
in sleep mode when fully charged

1.5 hours
with maximum filtering effect when fully charged

Easy to handle

With simple carry. Fresh air can move freely

a lady carrying the purifier
air purifier on the table

Compact design like a potted plant

Placed on the desktop or ground. Does not take up much space

Plug and Play. Fully charged in 6 hours

logo of fire and battery
motor of the purifier
the working of the air purifier

360° stirring air circulation.

Purify a room of 161sq.ft 6 times in one hour. Small in stature, large in features,constant fresh air


99.98% nanoscale filtration

Nanoguard™ filtration technology.

Whole house pollution, comprehensive purification. Three in one filter, layer by layer progressive purification, easily filter out common indoor air pollution

configuration of the purifier
The look of the filter

Smart Control

Clean air, get it anytime. Support mobile APP + AI voice smart control.

purifier controlled by AI

Auto Protection Mode, Real-time Monitoring, Optimal Purification

Accurate monitoring of air pollution changes, so you can always control the air quality at home, automatically adjust the optimal purification speed, Efficiently get high-quality air.

PM2.5/PM10 laser particle sensor

Monitor air quality accurately

the details of the 2 different sensor
description of the chip in air purifier
top view of the air purifier

LCD Screen

Display air quality accurately. With touch buttons, the purification mode can be adjusted with a light touch.

the configration icon

Improve your sleep environment

Enjoy deep sleep. Sleep mode, output clean air quietly. At the same time set the atmosphere lamp to help you sleep, improve the sleep light environment, help you fall asleep quickly.

air purifier with no noise

Colorful Mood Light Variety is the spice of life

Different night light colors can be set through the mobile APP to meet the lighting effects required for different scenes, such as sleeping with you at night, waking up in the morning, dining warmly, and holiday parties.

the motor of air purifier