Delivering fresh air to whole room

AI-based dynamic breeze
AI-based dynamic breeze
24-hour cordless use
24-hour cordless use
Magnetic charging
Magnetic charging
standing fan
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Smartmi Dynamic Algorithm

Our intricate randomised algorithm was built to imitate the nature’s order – that the wind blows as it likes, not as programmed. See below for the comparison on different curve of wind:

Blue – Curve from the wind
Purple – Curve of wind from Smartmi Standing Fan with AI algorithm
Pink – Curve of wind from normal AC fan with 4 preset modes

Quiet operation ensures

sweet dreams

different parts of fan head

Innovative battery powers

24-hour operation

The Smartmi Air Circulator Fan’s graphene conductive agent battery offers long life and high discharge rate.
Cordless operation improves safety for children/pets.

the description of the working duration of the application

Explore the Specification of Smartmi Air Circulator Fan

use of standing fan in different ways

Smart control via

AI Voice + App + Remote Control

Variable fan speed for
constant comfort

Built-in temperature sensor automatically adjusts
fan speed for constant comfort at all times.

Innovative, customised
cool air delivery

90 degree rotation of fan
120 degree rotation of fan



Cleaning in a


different parts of standing fan